2024 Area Code Championships

Where the Best of the Best Come Together!
August 31st - September 2nd, 2024
Baton Rouge, LA

🌟 What does each player receive? 🌟

Get ready to gear up with some fantastic items included in this premium event. Each product is designed to elevate your experience and showcase your state pride. Here's what each player receives:

πŸ‘•πŸ‘• 2 Custom Area Code Jerseys:

πŸ‘•πŸ‘• 2 Custom Area Code Jerseys:

Includes 2 Jerseys, both a Home and Away jersey tailored to your Area Code.
(Not Actual Jersey) Jersey Reveal July 1st!

πŸ‘• 1 Custom Area Code Practice Jersey:

πŸ‘• 1 Custom Area Code Practice Jersey:

1 Custom Practice Shirt tailored to your Area Code.

🧒 Custom Area Code Hat:

🧒 Custom Area Code Hat:

A custom state hat that matches your uniform and shows off your state pride.
(Not Actual Hat)

πŸ’ Custom Area Code Ring:

πŸ’ Custom Area Code Ring:

A special Area Code ring to commemorate your participation.

🏷️ Bag Tag:

🏷️ Bag Tag:

A personalized tag to identify your gear easily.

🌟 Unleash Your State Pride on the Grand Stage! 🌟

Get ready to step onto the diamond and proudly represent your region of the state in the most electrifying USSSA Baseball event of the year – the Area Code Championships! This is your chance to showcase your skills, camaraderie, and competitive spirit as you go head-to-head against top talents from across the Gulf Coast Region, all vying for the prestigious title of Area Code Champion. Prove that the BEST BASEBALL IN THE REGION is played in your area code.

πŸ”₯ Why the Area Code Championships? πŸ”₯

πŸ… Unprecedented State Pride:

Wear your custom area code uniform with honor and embody the spirit of your state as you compete for ultimate bragging rights. Forge lifelong friendships with like-minded athletes who share your passion for the game.

🌐 Uniting the Best:

Witness the convergence of raw talent from every corner of the Gulf Coast Region. This tournament is the ultimate melting pot of baseball prowess, where the elite talents of your age group compete in an unforgettable showdown.

🏟️ Louisiana's Premier Turf Complex:

Prepare to compete on the grand stage in the heart of baseball country! The Area Code Championships will be held at some of the finest turf complexes in the country, right here in Baton Rouge,LA. Immerse yourself in the world of top-notch facilities that offer pristine playing surfaces, ensuring you have the perfect stage to showcase your skills and make your mark.

4 Game Guarantee

Experience region competition as you face off against teams from across the Gulf Coast in our 4-game guarantee event. Play two pool play games and be seeded into bracket against opponents from various area codes.


August 30th - 6:00PM to 10:00PM

Skills Competitions

  • Players will have the opportunity to compete in the skills competitions. These events are optional.

Player Social

  • There will be a DJ on site, vendors and more! All players are encouraged to attend to get to know their teammates, make new friends and create lasting memories!

Manager Check In

  • Team Managers will check in and receive all items for their players


  • Oak Villa Sports Complex
August 31st - 8:00AM to 11:00AM

Team Practice

  • Each team will have a scheduled practice time
August 31st - 12:00PM to 8:00PM

Pool Play Begins

  • All Teams will play one pool play game
September 1st - 8:00AM to 12:00PM

Pool Play Continues

  • All teams will play their second pool play game
September 1st - 1:00PM to 8:00PM

Bracket Play Begins

  • Teams seeded into modified double elimination bracket based on pool play results
September 2nd - 9:00AM until finished

Championship Day

  • Semi Finals, Finals and 3rd Place Games played in each age and division
  • This day will showcase the best the Gulf Coast Region has to offer and prove which Area Code plays the best baseball!

Top Asked Questions

What are the financial responsibilities if my athlete is selected?


What is the event refund policy?

There will be no refunds issued for this event. Any player requesting to be removed from the event after registering will receive a credit toward an USSSA Individual Event of their choosing. If a player is on the waitlist and is not placed on a roster for the event they will receive a full refund.

How are players nominated for the Area Code Championships?

To receive a nomination, you have to be on a team that finished in the Top 3 (in a bracket of 10 or fewer teams), the Top 5 (in a division with 11 or more teams) in a USSSA Tournament during the 2024 Season or be selected as player of the game at select events. If you know of an athlete that does not meet this criteria but would still like to attend the event please reach out to the Area Code Championship staff.

What do athletes receive as part of the registration?
  • 3 Custom Area Code Jerseys
    • Home and Away Area Custom Area Code Jersey
    • 1 Practice Jersey
  • 1 Area Code Hat
  • Area Code Championship Ring
  • Area Code Bag Tag
What will athletes need to bring?
  • White Pants (No piping, Knickers are Fine)
  • Black Socks
  • Black Belt
  • Personal equipmentΒ (No metal cleats)
  • Catchers gear if applicable
How are coaches selected?

Coaches will be selected via the coaches nomination form. Click Here to Submit the Coaching Form.

Coaches who are selected will receive

  • Area Code Coaches Shirt
  • Hat
  • One Player FREE Entry
  • One Additional Nomination for your team
I completed registration but status did not change, why?

It is a manual process to β€œmark” players “Confirmed/Pending” and a player’s status will not change instantaneously when completing the registration process

What does it mean to be on the "Wait List"?

Any player that registers after a teams roster has been completed (between 12 to 14 players) they will be placed on a waiting list. In the case that a player is unable to attend the event the roster positions will be filled with players from the waiting list. If a player is on the waitlist and is not placed on a roster for the event they will receive a full refund.

Game Format

How many games will teams play?

The event is a 4 Game Guarantee. The event staff will do everything within their power to make sure that teams are able to play all scheduled games.

What is the game format for the event?

Pool Play: All teams will play three (3) pool games. If there are an odd number of teams in a division then one team will play four (4) pool play games. The team who plays four (4) pool play games will only have their best three (3) games counted toward seeding for bracket play. Pitching for all games will be counted.

Bracket Play: teams will be seeded into one bracket based on pool play results. If a team loses their first scheduled bracket game, they will drop down to another bracket and play for 3rd Place. Championship games in both the Championship Bracket and 3rd Place Bracket are winner take all. There are NO if games.

General Information

What are the gate fees for the event?

9 and Older: $15
8 and Under: Free

What age will my athlete play at the Area Code Championships?

Players will play the age they will be for the 2025 Season. Example, if a 7U player is nominated and completes registration they will compete at the 8U level.

What facilities will host the event?

The main complex for the event will be Oak Villa Sports Complex. Other venues will be added as needed.

What facility will my athlete play at?

Divisions will be assigned to complexes as the event draws near and the registration process closes.

When is check-in?

There is no individual check in for the event. Team managers will check-in and receive all items for the players on their rosters.

When do games start and how many games should we expect each day?

Games will begin on August 31st and will conclude on September 2nd. Teams should be prepared to play two games per day.

What does (Confirmed) or (Pending) next to a player name mean?

Players who are marked (Confirmed) have completed the registration process and will have a spot on the team. Players that are marked (Pending) have been nominated but have not completed the registration process.


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